Poppy - Iceland Mix

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Offering a mix of white, yellow and orange papery blooms, this poppy is charming and sure to please.  Blooming all season long, this poppy continually supplies you with pops of colour and cheery little flowers.  So fun!  Beautiful cut flower as well. Best frost seeded in spring on the soil surface, just before the last spring frosts disappear, and then thinned to allow each plant to rise to its full potential.  Will self-seed if left to go to seed.  Needs full sun. This is not a good choice for new growers as it can be fussy to start.

Papavare nudicaule

Days to maturity: 100-200

Bloom type: Perennial

Fill containers with soil-less seed starting mix then water and firm soil. Sprinkle seed lightly on mix and cover with a humidity dome. Keep warm (21°C) but out of direct sunlight. Seeds should germinate in 4-7 days. Once germinated, move to a bright, cool location such as a cold frame. To minimize disturbance of the delicate seedlings, bottom water by placing container inside a flat filled with water mixed with a little fish emulsion. Once the first true leaves appear you can gently pot them on to a slightly larger container. After a week or so, move plants to filtered sun to harden them off for 4-6 weeks then plant in their final location.