Poppy - Lauren's Grape


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Stunning deep plum purple flowers with a darker centre are show stoppers in the spring garden. Numerous flowers are held above the large blue-gray, lettuce-like leaves  and are followed by beautiful seed pods that can be used for floral arrangements. These breadseed-type poppies were selected over many years by Colorado garden writer and Horticulturist Lauren Springer. She selected the darkest purple blossoms and saved and sowed the seed annually until she had a stable line of rich purple flowers. Mass these beauties in a sunny spot. They will tolerate lean soil and when happy, will self sow. We like to save the seeds and add them to smoothies, baking and our morning oatmeal. To save seed, wait until the seed pod dries to the point that little vent holes open around the top then simple pour the seed out and dry it for long term storage. We think you will really like this self seeding annual.


Sold Out
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Packet ~ 200 Seeds