Daucus carota var. sativus
Direct seed in early spring thru mid July into deep, loose, fertile soil. Sow seed 1 cm deep, 30 seeds per 30 cm in 5 cm bands spaced 40-60 cm apart. Keep evenly moist throughout the growing season. Carrots can take 1-3 weeks to germinate so make sure the soil doesn’t  crust and become hard before the seedlings emerge. Thin seedlings to  approx. 4 cm for full size carrots, closer spacing is adequate for baby carrots. Hill soil over shoulders to prevent greening.

Cosmic Purple

Packet Size
~300 Seeds
Days to Maturity:
70 days.

Yellow core, orange flesh and deep purple skin make this carrot a favourite with kids and adults alike.

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Scarlet Nantes

Packet Size
~ 500 seeds $3.50
Available Sizes:
Packet, Bulk A
Days to Maturity:
65 days.

Bright-orange, very sweet, slightly tapered, 15-20 cm. roots have have a rounded tip. A good keeper and makes tasty juice.

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Yellowstone Carrot

Packet Size
~200 Seeds $3.50
Available Sizes :
Packet, Bulk A, Bulk B
Days to Maturity:
70 days

Tasty bright yellow carrots with strong tops add colour to mixed bunches at market.

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