Allium porrum
Start indoors or in a cold frame in late January or early February.  Sow seed .6 cm deep and .6cm apart. Transplant into rich soil in larger plug flats when seedlings are large enough to handle. Large transplants will produce the largest leeks. Transplant outdoors in early spring  into 15 cm. deep holes, 10 cm. apart. Drop transplant into hole and water lightly. Do not backfill, the water will be enough. Only the top 5-7 cm of leaf should poke above the soil line. Hill leeks with soil once or twice throughout the growing season to exclude light and produce  longer white shanks. Cool season biennial

Giant Musselburgh

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Sold Out
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A late maturing, cold tolerant leek that will feed you in the fall, winter over, then provide good eating in early spring.

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