Poppy - White Linen

Poppy - White Linen

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Creamy white, flowers float above ferny blue-green foliage spring thru summer on this selection of California poppy. This is a tough little plant, despite its breezy look. Tolerates drought and full sun and will self-seed when happy. At home equally in the garden or in a naturalized planting. Does really well in containers too. Bees and butterflies seem to love it as much as I do. Hardy zones 3-9. Annual

Eschscholzia californica

Days to maturity: 60-75 days

Bloom type: Annual

Direct seed California poppy seed in late fall or early spring. Sprinkle seed lightly on the soil surface, cover with .6 cm of soil and firm soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. Thin plants to 15 cm apart when first true leaves appear to give plants room to develop. Poppies do not transplant well so indoor seeding is not recommended. California poppies will self-seed throughout the garden when happy. To keep them from spreading too much, remove spent flowers before they can set seed.