Four O'clock - Full Moon

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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We love growing four o’clocks for their sweet citrusy scent that drifts through the night air after the blossoms open between 4 and 8pm. The oboe-shaped flowers stay open all night long. Shortly after opening the butterflies and hummingbirds visit and as darkness appears the night flying Hawk Moths come to feed on the sweet nectar. These are quick growing, metre tall, bushy plants that flower prolifically from mid-summer thru fall. They are perennial in tropical and sub-tropical regions but we grow them as annuals. You can lift the tuberous roots to winter indoors and replant the following spring. Full moon is a glowing white, heavenly scented flower that has a place in all moon gardens. Plant under your bedroom window or where you sit in the evening and enjoy.

Mirabilis jalapa 

Days to Maturity: 70-75 days