Styrian Hulless Seeded Pumpkin

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Grow your own pepitas. This gem of a pumpkin is the result of a chance, natural mutation that occurred in a field of pumpkins in Austria in the early 1900’s. No doubt bees were involved! The mutation was in the seed coat. Instead of the hard white, tasteless seed coat normally found on pumpkin seeds, these seeds are hulless. You can eat the entire delicious, nutty tasting seed and each pumpkin is full of them. They are extremely nutritious with too many health benefits to list here. In Austria the seeds are pressed to produce a golden, nutty, nutritious oil. Vigorous vines produce 5-6 green and gold striped pumpkins weighing between 3-5kg each. Flesh is very mild and is often fed to the chickens but we know some people that use it as a late season zucchini substitute.     

Cucurbita pepo 

Days to Maturity: 90 days