Purple Plum

Purple Plum

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Here is a colour you don’t see every day in the radish department. Globe shaped radishes have bright purple skin and crisp and juicy white flesh. They are high in vitamin C as well. Purple plum holds well in the field, rarely cracking. Try them at market bunched with Pink Beauty for a visual treat. 

Days to Maturity: 25 days.

Sow seed in early spring 3 cm. apart and 1- 1.5 cm. deep. Space rows 20-30 cm apart. Radishes prefer cool, moist conditions and will become hot and pithy in hot, dry weather. They are best in the cool spring weather. Keep well watered to ensure mild taste and crisp roots.  Sow every week or two throughout the spring for a steady supply. Floating row covers will keep flea beetles and cabbage root maggots at bay.