coneflower - Grey Headed

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Very drought-tolerant perennial wildflower. Blooms in July and August— let it go to seed so the winter birds can feed. Like most coneflowers, Ratibida is loved by butterflies. A beautiful, tall (to 5') addition to a native or wildflower planting. Easy to grow from seed. Cold-moist stratification is beneficial but not necessary.

Ratibida pinnata

Hardiness zone: 3-8

Bloom type: Perennial

Easy to grow from seed. Cold moist stratification is beneficial but not necessary. To stratify, place seed between sheets of damp paper towel, roll up, place in plastic bag and place in fridge for 30 days or so. Remove from fridge and direct sow or start indoors 4-6 weeks before last anticipated frost.