Music, Organic Seed Garlic

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Type – Hardneck, Porcelain

Cloves per bulb - 4-6

Storability: 8-10 months

Music is one of the most popular Porcelain garlics. Hardy and productive, it has an average of 4-6 cloves per bulb with beautiful satin white bulb wrappers. Clove wrappers have an attractive purple color. Scapes can reach heights of 6 feet plus.  It grows well in many soil types, but does like to be well drained.
It is the predominant garlic grown in Quebec and Ontario and is also popular throughout the Pacific Northwest.  It’s a robust grower that tolerates a wide range of climates, faring particularly well in northern climates with very cold winters.  Stores until April or June. Easy to peel and popular in the kitchen, it has a rich and robust taste — slightly spicy and with some heat but not overwhelming.  Delicious and a prime example of what a hard-neck porcelain garlic is all about. A great choice for anyone growing garlic for the first time.