Dwarf Sweet Sue

Dwarf Sweet Sue

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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A big yellow, round tomato with a well-balanced sweet flavour. This is one of the releases from the Dwarf Tomato Project, started by Craig LeHoullier and Patrina Nusk-Small. They crossed dwarf tomatoes with favourite heirloom tomatoes with the goal of the resulting plants being more compact and therefore more manageable. Craig named Dwarf Sweet Sue in 2007 for his wife “who loved the tomato and is very sweet”. When perfectly ripe the 140-280g (5-10 oz) fruits have a pink blush on the blossom end. We found these plants to be very productive and very well behaved in the garden. A standard tomato cage did the trick of supporting them without toppling over as they reach 1-1.5m. Dwarf Indeterminate. OSSI Pledged

Solanum lycopersicum

Days to maturity: 80 days from transplant

Life Cycle: Annual

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