Popeye Spinach

Popeye Spinach

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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This productive spinach is a prime example of how seed farmers are working together to improve open pollinated varieties. Our friends at Siskiyou Seeds planted their favourite spinach varieties and allowed them to cross pollinate. They then spent several years selecting the most desirable offspring resulting in this genetically diverse, open pollinated, interbreeding population of spinach. It is very late to bolt in Oregon and our seed, which was was grown by Root Cellar Gardens in zone 4b, bolted 2 weeks later than the other spinach varieties they trialled. Leaves are semi-savoyed and upright for ease of harvest. Try it and see how it adapts to your field/garden. We think you’ll like it. OSSI Pledged

Spinacia oleracea

Days to Maturity - 25 days baby leaf, 45-55 days mature