Sunflower - Vanilla Ice

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Oodles of soft, buttercream-yellow flowers on sturdy, multibranching plants make a statement in the garden, in the vase or on your plate. Edible buds can be sautéed or grilled and taste a bit like artichoke hearts. Petals can be added to salads and grain based dishes. Individual flowers are 7-10cm, seem to glow in the moonlight and are produced mid-summer thru till frost. Plants reach 1.2-1.5m. Bees and butteflies love them and seed eating birds like goldfinches drop by regularly for a nutritious meal. Easy to grow and very drought tolerant once established. This variety is an improvement on the lovely Italian White sunflower.

Helianthus debilis

Days to maturity: 80-90 days

Life cycle: Annual