Utrecht Blue Wheat

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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Breathtakingly beautiful heirloom wheat from the Utrecht area in the Netherlands. The wheat berries are edible but rather difficult to thresh so this is often grown as an ornamental. Tall (1.5m) strong stems are topped by steel-blue heads of grain that sport long black awns (bristles). They are a sight to behold waving in the wind or cut and bundled to dry for use in flower arrangements, weaving or basket making.

Triticum dicoccum var. atratum

Days to Maturity: 75-80

Life Cycle: Annual


Broadcast as early as possible in spring by hand into well prepped and drained soil and lightly rake seed into the earth. May also be direct sown into a trench no deeper than 3cm (1.5“). Space rows 36cm (14”) apart.