Who Gets Kissed Sweet Corn

Who Gets Kissed Sweet Corn

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

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An open pollinated (OP) corn that rivals the hybrids, this amazing sweet corn was bred by organic growers for organic growers and selected for ‘Sugary Enhanced’ sweetness, disease resistance and early vigour. Bicolour cobs with great flavour and texture on compact plants that tolerate cool soil can be planted earlier than most OP corn varieties. Early to mature with an extended harvest period. Like with all OP's you can expect some natural variation. Developed by Dr. Bill Tracey, Jared Zystro, Dr. Adrienne Shelton and Dr. John Navazio in collaboration with the Organic Seed Allaince and farmer Martin Diffley. 

Curios about the name? 

In colonial times (when corn was much more variable), someone lucky enough to find a red ear of corn during a husking bee would get to select a person in the room to kiss. In honor of that tradition, and to remind people the new variety is meant to be variable, the corn got its name: ‘Who Gets Kissed?’

Zea mays

Days to Maturity: 78-86